"I have known Kayla for just over 3 years now, and her energy and commitment to helping women is truly impressive . She is a woman who lives by her message: a true beauty who is always working on growing and mastering her own life, so she can be genuine in helping others. Kayla has made some bold moves and big decisions that have taken her life in a new, fresh and inspirational direction. She has transformed her life by making herself a priority, tapping into her superpowers and being of service to others. Not only does she have a kind, gentle heart- but she is a confident, empowered, successful entrepreneur and mother"

Mair Millar Mindset Coach and Business Strategist



Meet Kayla Lauren

My name is Kayla and I am a women’s confidence and empowerment coach for young female entrepreneurs. I help women uncover their true beauty to allow them to feel empowered, confident and beautiful from the inside out so they can radiate their gifts and truths to the world as they grow their business. In other words, I help female entrepreneurs feel confident in themselves so they can really show up in their businesses.

It is my mission to support women to become irresistible to their perfect clients or customers. I love to help women feel confident, alive and beautiful as they grow their business. It is my commitment to support as many women as possible from fear and judgment and help them to truly create the most abundant, vibrant, beautiful and powerful version of their lives possible. When women uncover their true beauty from within they are able to create the life they so desire, have fun and shine their light for everyone to see!